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Guide to Government Statistics - Agencies and Websites

General Information

An increasing number of government statistics are available on the Internet.The links on the following page are only a partial selection of the materials available, covering key areas of interest.  Most government agencies will have one or more links to publications and/or statistics from their home page.  Agency budgets and annual reports are another source of current statistics and recent years can be found on the agency website.

While the current editions of popular reports are being posted, very few agencies are providing historical data prior to the mid-1990's.  In many cases, the Ottenheimer Library has older editions of these reports in paper.  Please check the on-line catalog or shelves for specific holdings of particular titles.  Suggested subject headings for searching the online catalog, are provided after each subdivision.

Broad Statistical Sources

Some government agencies produce reports which compile data from numerous agencies into one publication or database.   Some of the sites below offer more than one year's worth of reports, offering the chance to compare numbers.