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UALR Ottenheimer Library

Collections & Archives Instruction Program

Information Literacy

Library Instruction for 1000-2000 Course level classes

  • Locate and retrieve information sources physically and electronically.
  • Select relevant keywords and synonyms
  • Apply strategies to narrow or broaden search results.
  • Understand the ethical importance of citing sources

Library Instruction for 3000-4000 Course level classes

  • Recognize conflicting perspectives within a scholarly community and develop a personal perspective on a topic. (starts in the classroom before meeting with a librarian)
  • Identify specific concepts/keywords from unique sources to focus on a topic in their area of study. (including primary sources)
  • Develop complex search strategies to maximize relevance and depth to explore various facets of a research topic.
  • Discover connections among various sources of information held by UALR or other institutions. (interlibrary loan, ArkLink, archival visits)
  • Reinforce proper use of citation styles for in-text citation and bibliography creation.

Library Instruction for 5000-8000 Course level classes

  • Articulate the goals of the individual’s specific research (develop a thesis statement; choose experiment or test to prove or disprove)
  • Differentiate the usage of primary vs. secondary sources as seen by specific disciplines or interdisciplinary programs  (analyze/synthesize)
  • Assess the recent scholarly perspectives on topic of interest, such as theses and dissertations (scholarship as conversation)
  • Utilize collections and resources beyond Collections and Archives at UALR, such as UAMS, government agencies, and the W.H. Bowen School of Law Library. [or archives outside of UALR]