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Engaging with Course Content with Social Annotation

How to access Course Reading Lists from Blackboard

Your instructor may assign reading assignments using Course Reading List in Blackboard or through the Ottenheimer Library. These assignments may be individual or group. You can use Course Reading List to create private or public highlights, notes, comments.

Log into Blackboard

Go to your course

Select Course Reading List

Select the document.

Once you have, it should pull up to show Links & Availability, choose “View” This should open in a new tab. Once there you can add your own notes when the My Notes tab is selected.

To participate in a class discussion select the “Class Discussion” tab to the right of the My Notes tab which is the default.

You can highlight the text you want to make a comment on and select the text bubble. This will allow you to write your comment on the right side of the screen. The text that you commented on will be underlined so that others can select it and see your comments. You will be able to share your thoughts, see and respond to others (Class Discussion).

If you have problems accessing the reading assignments using Course Reading List in Blackboard. If you have problems accessing the content, it's possible the assignment is not published or your instructor may have provided a slightly different way in Blackboard.