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HIST 7315 - Seminar in Historical Methods

Publications from Federal Agencies

The online catalog includes the majority of the materials from both government documents collections: the United States and the European Union.

The GPO Catalog of Government Publications  indexes government publications from the U.S. Superintendent of Documents, the publisher of materials from all federal agencies.

Many of the most recent publications from federal agencies are available on the agency website or via a comprehensive government site,  While this site is broken down by topic rather than agency,it has numerous links of interest to historical researchers.  Select the option to search by topic and scan the subdivisions to find your area(s) of interest.

United States Serial Set

The United States Serial Set is a collection of U.S. government publications compiled under the directive of Congress, capturing aspects of American life from the late 18th century onward, from farming, to westward expansion, scientific exploration, politics, international relations, business, and manufacturing. It includes Congressional reports and documents as well as executive agency and departmental reports ordered to be printed by Congress.

Images and maps included in the original documents are accessible, often in color.  Maps from the 1789 - present file can be searched separately from the documents.