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UALR Ottenheimer Library

HIST 4390 Middle East

Foreign Relations of the United States, 1861-1976


The Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS) series presents the official documentary historical record of major U.S. foreign policy decisions. The series began in 1861 and now comprises more than 400 individual volumes. The FRUS series provides an indispensible resource for American citizens and others around the world who seek to understand U.S. foreign policy and strategic planning, international relations, economic affairs, and transnational social and cultural developments. The Foreign Relations series represents a longstanding effort to inform the public about governmental decision making while also protecting essential national security interests....

(For additional details on the history of the series, read more on the website for the US Department of State, Office of the Historian.)

Points of Access

The University of Wisconsin Digital Collections offers fulltext access to the of Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS) volumes from the beginning of the series (Abraham Lincoln in 1861) through the end of the Eisenhower Administration (1958-60).

The US Department of State, Office of the Historian offers fulltext for the Kennedy Administration (1961-1963) through the most recent volumes published for the Nixon-Ford Administration (1969-1976).

The HeinOnline database offers the entire set of FRUS volumes.  Select Foreign Relations of the United States from the list of titles and collections on the left side of the screen.  From there, you are able to select the presidency covering the necessary years, and focus on the volume of interest based on the part of the world being discussed.  All documents are available in .pdf format and can be emailed, downloaded, or printed.

Ottenheimer Library also has a significant portion of the set in hard copy, circulating volumes.  They are shelved in the US Docs collection on the first floor, under US Doc S 1.1: year/volume.  Some volumes will indicate a set of supplemental microfiche that can be requested from the Circulation Desk.


Note: Post 1976 access

There are very few documents issued in FRUS after 1976.  They have not been cleared for publishing due to security issues.  If you need documents for President Carter forward, there are alternative options.  Try looking at the Public Papers of the President in hard copy (US Doc AE 2.114:).   There are also an assortment of presidential materials in the Hein Online database in the U.S. Presidential Library section.  (scroll down the menu on the left side of the screen,)