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Searching for Patents

Parts of a Patent

  • Patent number - Located in the upper right corner.  Numbers are assigned in the order the patent was issued.
  • Issue Date - Located in the upper right corner, under the patent number.  It can take several months to years for a patent to be issued.  This results in the frequently seen statement "patent pending," indicating that a patent has been applied for but not issued yet.
  • Title - Located in the upper left and names the item being patented.
  • Inventor(s) - The person(s) who created the item/design/plant.
  • Assignee - Will only be present when an item was invented as part of a person's employment and the actual patent will be held by the company rather than the inventor.
  • Abstract - Provides a summary of the patent and the item/design/plant being patented.
  • Body - Provides a complete description of the item/design/plant being patented, including any drawing of it.

Image of a Patent