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Guide to Interpreting SuDoc Classification Numbers

Tips for locating US Government Publications shelved using the Superintendent of Documents Classification System

Frequently Requested Agencies and their SuDoc Abbreviations

Not every department or agency within the federal government is listed below. These are the most popular agencies of those that we select. Commissions and councils we have not selected are not listed. Older agencies that are no longer active have also been left off this list. A complete listing of all agencies can be found in the latest List of Classes (GP 3.24: yr/issue). Copies can be found in Cataloging, Reference, and Documents.


A                     Dept. of Agriculture

AE                   National Archives

C                     Dept. of Commerce

CR                  Civil Rights Commission

D                     Dept. of Defense

E                     Dept. of Energy

ED                  Dept. of Education

EP                   Environmental Protection Agency

GA                  General Accounting Office

GP                  Government Publishing Office

HE                  Dept. of Health and Human Services

HH                  Dept. of Housing and Development

HS                  Dept. of Homeland Security

I                       Dept. of the Interior

ITC                  International Trade Commission

J                      Dept. of Justice

JU                   Judiciary (federal courts)

L                      Dept. of Labor

LC                   Library of Congress

NAS                National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NF                   National Endowment for the Arts; National Endowment for the Humanities

NS                   National Science Foundation

P                      US Postal Service

PE                   Peace Corps

PM                  Office of Personnel Management

PR                   President of the United States

PREX              Executive Office of the President

PRVP              Vice President of the United States

S                      Dept. of State

SBA                Small Business Administration

SE                   Securities and Exchange Commission  

SI                     Smithsonian Institution

SSA                Social Security Administration

T                      Dept. of the Treasury

TD                   Dept. of Transportation

VA                  Veterans Administration

X & Y              Congress