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PADM 7339 - State Administration and Reform

Federal Agency Information Online

FDSys - Provides free online access to official federal government publications. Through FDSys you are able to

  • Search for documents and publications with the ability to refine and narrow your search
  • Browse for documents and publications by collections, federal agency, Congressional committee, and date
  • Download documents and publication in multiple renditions or file formats

While it is federal website, there are often materials included that focus on individual states or cooperative works between states.  It is also possible to find information about federal funding of activities at the state level.

U.S. Census Bureau ( offers a variety of statistics at the state level beyond just population and housing. The U.S. Census Bureau conducts a Census of Governments of all state and local government organization units every 5 years, for years ending in 2 and 7, as required by law under Title 13, U.S. Code, Section 161.  The collection of these data will

  • Identify the scope and nature of the nation's state and local governments.
  • Classify local government organizations, powers, and activities.
  • Provide authoritative benchmark data on public finance and public employment.
  • Measure state and local governments' fiscal relationships.



Book of the States -  Find analysis and comparative information on a wide range of topics. Focuses on historical data, and also highlights trends in various state public policy areas. 

The latest edition is online and older volumes and be found on the fourth floor at REF JK 2403 .B6



Government Statistics

There are numerous places to look online for government statistics.  The guide Government Statistics - Recommended Agencies and Websites would be a great place to start.