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INTS 2302 - Global Issues - Wiebelhaus-Brahm

A Note About Finding Books

You can search for books on your topic by using the online catalog.

Remember that you can also try Subject searching. Here are some examples:

    • Human Trafficking
    • Child Trafficking
    • Forced Labor
    • Child Prostitution

If there are several books on the topic, more specific headings will be listed: Human Trafficking Victims - United States.


In addition to writing down the location and call number, remember to check the "Status" column before you go to the shelf. Some books are not on the shelf because they are checked out or recently returned.

If you cannot find a book you are looking for, please ask for assistance at the Desk on the first floor.

Search late at night or spend a limited amount of time on campus? It is possible to request books through the online catalog and have them held for you at the  Desk. Select the Request option on the left side and supply the requested information about your account. Please allow 24 hours for the book to be pulled and waiting for you. A message will be sent to your UALR e-mail address when books are ready to be picked up.