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NURS 1415 - Nursing Role Transition

What's the big deal with scholarly articles?

Peabody Library

Can you give me some examples of nursing scholarly articles?

First off, if you are ever unsure if an article is acceptable for class, please check with your professor.

Examples do help, though. Below are several links to scholarly articles dealing with nursing topics.

  •  After selecting the link, you will be asked to enter your NetID and NetID password.
  •  Select the PDF Full Text link in the left hand column of the page to view the article.


Recognizing the evidence and changing practice on injection sites


Staff nurses' sites of choice for administering intramuscular injections to adult patients in the acute care setting

What is NOT considered a scholarly article?

The following are not considered scholarly articles:

  • Articles that are 1-2 pages. It is highly recommended that you use articles that are at least 3 pages.
  • Letters/correspondence to the editor, book reviews, and commentary.
    • These are generally 1-2 pages, but may be longer.
    • For letters to the editor and commentary, the author is giving personal opinion which may or may not be supported by evidence.

Unsure of whether an article is acceptable? Check with your professor!

What's the Deep Web? And Why the Library?

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