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HHPS 7303 - Evaluation of Health Programs - Kanekar

This guide is designed to help you find evidence for a literature review and presentation. To do this the guide provides background details like definitions to make sure everyone can get on the same page. Every program, population, conditions, geogra

Browse Evidence-Based Practices & Programs

The following websites may provide useful evidence-based information on programs and practices, such as guidelines, reviews, and reports:

Find more and keep up-to-date

Google Web Search

This page provides a list of evidence based practice tools and resources.  This is not a comprehensive list.  Be comprehensive and always seek the most current and proven practices.  Try the google search to find other tools and resources.  There are generally two types of evidence based resources: systematic review and nonsystematic review. Reviews summarizing the outcomes of various intervention trials are therefore an extremely efficient method for obtaining the “bottom line” about what works and what doesn’t..  All evidence based resources should provide an explanation of methods used.

Search Specific Databases