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UALR Ottenheimer Library

SOWK 3302 Social Work & Diversity

Highlight: CQ Researcher

While it does not offer materials from scholarly journals, CQ Researcher does provide multiple points of view on hot topics. There are several diversity issues addressed in the database and the articles may provide ideas for government agencies or nonprofit organizations to explore.  This is a good place to start for background information on your topic of choice.  It will offer alternate search terms to use in the databases suggested below.

Recommended Databases

After selecting an oppressed group that interests you, it will be necessary to obtain background information on them. This material is best found in journal articles. Depending on the topic, there are numerous databases to search. Select one or two databases to start with, based on the main focus of your policy issue.

Journal by Title

While the library offers a wide variety of databases with full-text articles, not every journal is in every database. If the database you are searching does not offer full text for the desired journal, check the journal title in Journals by Title to see if the full text is offered in another database. 

Be sure to check the dates of coverage closely. Some journals are only available for a limited number of years and many do not offer access to the latest 12-18 months.