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HHPS 7301 - Research Methods in Health Sciences

Searching for Articles on a Topic: MEDLINE Complete

It is highly recommended that you complete the Peer Reviewed Journal Articles: The Basics (Word Document) and Searching Preparation Worksheet (Word Document) before you begin to make sure you understand what a peer-reviewed journal article is and how to pick the best search terms!

To find peer-reviewed/scholarly articles for this course, you should start by searching the database MEDLINE Complete.

To help with searching, print and review the attached screenshots attached below.

PubMed Central

Besides MEDLINE Complete, you can try searching PubMed Central for articles.

PubMed Central is a freely-accessible database from the National Library of Medicine (NLM).

All articles in PubMed Central should be freely accessible online.



If you find an article you would like to read and cannot access the full text, please contact a librarian.

Avoid frustration and do not pull your hair out if you are having difficulties. Ask!

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