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SPAN 3313/3314 Conversation and Presentation/Writing for Spanish

Search Newspaper Databases

Note: Currency vs Accuracy

Keep in mind that the advantage of the currency offered by newspapers can be a draw back in relation to their accuracy.  In an attempt to get information out quickly, facts are missed or misreported and will need to be corrected in later printings or with more in-depth research of another form, like a journal article.

Note: Bias

Newspapers are known for their bias.  Every paper is going to have some focus to one political side or another.  In the US, most papers have some liberal or conservative swing.  In New York City, it is the New York Times that is known for being more of a middle of the road paper and in Washington CD, it is the Washington Post.  In foreign nations, the political bias can be much stronger, especially if the government has a stronger influence on the media.