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HIED 8340 - Organizational Behavior in Higher Education - Barrett

Recommended Databases for Education and related topics

Recommended Databases for Management and Human Resources articles

Recommended Databases for Psychology or Sociology topics

Locating Journals held by Ottenheimer Library

Sometimes the links for full-text articles do not work in the databases.  To double-check our journal holdings:

1.  Choose the "Journals" tab on the library webpage.

2.  Type in the name of the journal, NOT the name of the article.

3.  The list of databases will indicate the years available in full-text.

4.  Pay close attention the dates.  The journal publisher determines which databases are granted full-text rights.

5.  If the library does not own the journal or the year needed, you may submit an interlibrary loan request for the article.

**  If you have a citation for a journal article, follow the instructions above.

Special note:  if you are having trouble with accessing the full-text article, please contact me.  There may be a problem that I need to report.