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Legal Guidance for Social Work

Special Note

Hein Online can be used to search for articles in legal journals. These articles may discuss specific cases or just issues that have been pursued in courts.

Arkansas Legal Resources

The Judicial Branch website for the State of Arkansas, offers connections to all levels of courts in the state. From those, court calendars, directories, and opinions can be searched.

Locating Arkansas Acts

The Acts of Arkansas can be found in multiple places depending on the time the act was passed and how it was incorporated into the Arkansas Code.

The Acts can be accessed via the state's legislative website at Arkansas Code Search | Laws and Statutes   In this online database, it will be necessary to search by the name of the law or the section of the Arkansas Code you desire to use. 

For more recent Acts, it might be possible to find them on the General Assembly website.  This will only work for laws passed during or after the 76th General Assembly.

United States Legal Resources

Legal resources for the United States can be accessed in both hard copy and through online databases.

United States Code

The U.S. Code is the compilation of all laws of a general and permanent nature, as enacted by the United States Congress. It is available in multiple formats:

It is available full-text in several online databases:

Hein Online - Offers older editions of the US Code if you are interested in following the development of specific topics through the 20th century.  It is also possible to search individual laws one at a time using the Statutes at Large section of the database.  It allows you to search by Public Law number or the popular name of the law.

govinfo - 1994 edition to present

Congressional Sources  - Latest edition only


Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)

It is available full-text in several online databases:

Hein Online - 1938 - present

govinfo - 1996 - present


Court Cases

Hein Online provides full-text access to court cases from various federal and state courts around the nation. All courts can be searched at once, or searches can be done for individual levels of the federal judicial system or a specific state.