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Research and Information Skills Exploration (RISE) : Gamification in the Library


As of spring 2022, Ottenheimer Library has actively begun to incorporate gamification into our library instruction classes. In short, gamification is the implementation of game like mechanics into a usually non-gaming environment. The games / activities we are using are meant to introduce students to concepts such as searching, conducting research, locating potential sources, and more in a new more interactive way. The goal of gamification is to increase engagement, collaboration, and interaction between students. 

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Introduction to Your Library

Students will learn how to use the library's search tool as well as how to navigate the library's website. In addition, students will learn about the resources available to them through the library both in-person and online. 

Quiz: What Is Your Researcher Personality?

Methods for Approaching Research 2.0

Depending on the selected game, students will learn how to generate keywords, create search statements / research questions, match search tools and sources, and more. 


RISE Workshops

Database Speed Dating

Students will learn how to locate and navigate different library databases in order to find resources and conduct research effectively. 

Escape the Library

Students will learn how to navigate and use the library's search and database in order to conduct proper research using Boolean operators, keywords, and research questions. In addition, students will learn effective ways to evaluate both online and peer reviewed sources for credibility.