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PADM 7301 Public Administration

Congressional Hearings and other Publications

The work of the United States Congress involves a wide range of subjects which result in an equally wide range of publications.  One of the most widely known congressional publications is the hearing.  These provide the text of the discussions in the meetings of a particular committee.  They frequently include testimony from experts in the field being investigated.  Budget hearings often discuss funding of such projects and other hearings often bring in experts to provide testimony for or against a subject under debate.

Depending on the year of interest, full-text of the hearings can be found in paper volumes, microfiche or online.  The database below will provide citations, and often full-text, for the appropriate Congressional publication.

Congressional Publications

Providing indexing and a growing amount of full-text access to the publications of the U.S. Congress since 1970, including bills, laws and legislation, as well as information about members of Congress.  Indexing of the Congressional Record, Daily Edition is also included.

Official Congress webpage -

Makes United States federal legislative information freely available to the public. The site contains legislation from the 107th Congress (2001) to the present, members of Congress profiles from the 93rd Congress (1973) to the present, and selected member profiles from the 80th through the 92nd Congresses (1947 to 1972).

United States Serial Set

The United States Serial Set is a collection of U.S. Government publications compiled under the directive of Congress, capturing aspects of American life from the late 18th century onward, from farming, to westward expansion, scientific exploration, politics, international relations, business and manufacturing.  It includes Congressional reports and documents a well as executive agency and departmental reports ordered to be printed by Congress.  This collection is a subset located in the HeinOnline (listed above).