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United States Serial Set

Overview of the U.S. Serial Set and search tips

Miscellaneous Publications

Other important collections within the set defy classification by origin.   

  • Unusual historical data
  • Massive hearings
  • Reports
  • Exhibits of congressional and executive branch commissions
  • Investigations
  • Inquiries such as studies of wages and prices, immigration, woman and child labor, national security, conduct of war, and civil rights

Non-Governmental Publications

In addition to congressional and executive publications, the Serial Set includes a number of reports from nongovernmental organizations that are organized under laws requiring such reports.  Included in this category are Annual Reports of

  • The American Historical Association
  • The Boy Scouts of America
  • The Daughter of the American Revolution
  • Various veterans organizations


The high resolution optional maps module of the U.S. Serial Set Digital Collection allows access to color and high resolution versions of the maps indexed in the U.S. Serial Set Index and Carto-Bibliography of Maps. The maps contained within the U.S. Serial Set represent one of the greatest single collections of cartographic materials of the United States. From the exploration of the American West to the Parisian defenses during the Crimean War, the Serial Set carto-bibliographic records allow unprecedented access to the 62,000+ maps of the Serial Set.

Searchable segments include title, geographic subject, map relief method, and names on map. Search results bring up carto-bibliographic entries with map title, notation of content, date, and the Serial Set Map ID number. The full carto-bibliographic view shows the entire record, below which is an abbreviated record of the publication in which the map occurs. The link at the bottom of the full document record accesses the PDF version of the publication in which the map occurs.