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CRJU 7301/8310 - Pro-seminar

Recommended Journal Databases

Looking for journal articles on a specific topic? Try searching one or more of the following databases.

Recommended Newspaper Databases

While newspapers do not provide scholarly research on a topic, they are an excellent resource for the latest information on the types of crimes being committed and how the nation is responding.  Many urban newspapers carry lists of crimes in their area or annual statistics on crime for their region.  Coverage of court cases are also a regular part of the national and local news sections.

Dissertations and Thesis

While reading the entire document may be too much, it does not hurt to search your topic in the Dissertations & Theses database to see if someone else has done similiar research.  Skimming their bibliography can provide unique resources that might not turn up in other library databases.  Some of the papers will be full text in the database.  Others can be requested via Interlibrary Loan, making note that you will settle for the title page and the bibliography if the owning library will not send the entire work.