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HIST 2311-2312 American History Basics

Wars during the Colonial Era

These wars have multiple names because they were fought in Europe under one name and in the colonies, or between various colonies, using another name.  The bold-faced name is the one used most often in North America.


King William’s War, 1689 - 1697

          War of the League of Augsburg


Queen Anne’s War, 1701 - 1713

          War of Spanish Succession


King George’s War, 1744 - 1748

          War of Austrian Succession


French and Indian War, 1754 - 1763

Seven Years War

Pomeranian War, Third Carmatic War, Third Silesian War – all European terminology

Revolutionary War, 1775 - 1783

  • Revolutionary War
  • American Revolution
  • War of Independence

War of 1812, 1812 - 1815

  • War of 1812
  • Second War for Independence
  • Mr. Madison’s War
  • American War of 1812 – British name, since they were fighting another war at the same time

Mexican-American War, 1846 -1848

  • Mexican-American War
  • Mexican War
  • Guerra de 1847
  • Guerra de Estados Unidos a Mexico

Spanish-American War, 1989

  • Spanish American War

Philippine-American War, 1899-1902

  • Philipine-American War
  • Philippine Insurrection

* A Philippine guerilla war when Filipinos did not get the freedom they desired at the end of the Spanish American War

Mexican Border War, 1916

  • Mexican Border War

* US troops under Gen. Pershing entered Mexico chasing Francisco (Pancho) Villa who was raiding the US border

United States Civil War, 1861 - 1865

  • US Civil War
  • War of the Rebellion
  • War Between the States
  • War of Southern Secession
  • War of Secession
  • The Freedom War (used by Southern Blacks)
  • Mr. Lincoln’s War
  • War of Northern Aggression

World War I, 1917 - 1918

  • World War I
  • The Great War
  • The World War
  • The War to End All Wars

   *This war started in Europe in 1914


World War II, 1941 - 1945

  • World War II
  • Second World War

* War in Europe began in 1939

* Officially terminated in 12/31/46 even though the Japanese surrender was accepted on 8/14/45

Korean War, 1950 - 1953

  • Korean War
  • Korean Military Action
  • Korean Conflict

* US Congress never declared war

Vietnam War, 1964 - 1975

  • Vietnam War
  • Presidential Military Action in Vietnam

*US Congress never declared war

The Rucksack War, 1983

  • The Rucksack War
  • American Invasion of Grenada
  • Operation Urgent Fury

*US Congress never declared war

Operation Just Cause, 1989

  • Operation Just Cause
  • American invasion of Panama

Persian Gulf War, 1991

  • Persian Gulf War
  • The Gulf War

* Began as Operation Desert Shield (1990) in Kuwait and became Operation Desert Storm once US troops entered Iraqi territory

Iraq War, 2003 - 2011

  • Iraq War
  • Second Gulf War
  • Operation Iraqi Freedom

Afghan War, 2003 - present

  • Afghan War
  • Operation Enduring Freedom

Additional Military Actions

Several Indian Wars took place through the 18th and 19th centuries. There are also numerous other smaller military actions throughout the 20th Century and into the 21st. 


Names and dates for those can be found in multiple places, but 

American Military History is very useful.


vol 1 (US Doc D 114.19: N59/3/vol. 1/2009)  


vol 2 (US Doc D 114.19: M 59/3/vol. 2/2010)  


Unfortunately, the volumes have poor indexing.  The Table of Contents is better.