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HHPS 4380 - Health Education Evaluation - Kanekar

Selected Government Resources

Arkansas Reports & Other Resources

Don't forget about the Arkansas Department of Health website, including:

County Health Rankings & Roadmaps, sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, provides a variety of county dat and summaries.

Public Health in Arkansas' Communities Search provides additional county data/summaries based on a number of health indicators.

Arkansas Center for Health Improvement may also have reports about various initiatives. 

Running into problems? Don't forget to ask me if you need help!

Resources for Program Planning and Evaluation

You may also find useful information by using is the U.S. government's official web portal. 

Try a keyword search for your topic and/or target population.

You may wish to try including the word "Arkansas" in your search for possible state information, as may contain state resources. This is not a guarantee you will find state data, but is a good suggestion.

Keep in mind that you may need to use synonyms when searching.

  • For example, another term for high blood pressure is hypertension.