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SOCI 3346 - Family Sociology

Finding Fulltext Articles

While most databases offer the option of limiting your search to Full Text Only, that could prevent you from finding the best articles. Many databases in sociology do not offer full text for all the journals. Instead of limiting the search to only journals with full text, run the search and look at all possible citations.

If the article of interest does not come up with a full text file attached, there is another link on the library Web page that will allow you to search other files to find the complete article. Once you have selected a citation of interest, make note of the title of the journal.

In the first page of the Library website, there is an option for Journals by Title. That search feature asks for the title of the journal and if it is offered in full text in a different database, it will show you which one and for what years. The live links in the resulting list will let you connect to the other database to get the entire article.

Focusing a Search Topic

When you first think of a topic for your paper, it may be necessary to find alternate words for your search or narrow the subject to be sure you are not overwhelmed with results.  One database is better than most at assisting with that:

CQ Researcher - Provides full-text reports and analysis of current events and controversial issues.

Recommended Databases

Focused databases with more specific information: