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HIED 8353-Assessment and Program Evaluation

Recommended Databases



Locating Journals held by Ottenheimer Library

Sometimes the links for the full-text articles do not work properly within the databases.  To double-check our journal holdings:

1.  Choose the "Journal" tab on the library webpage.

2.  Type in the name of the journal, NOT the title of the article.

3.  If the library subscribes to the journal, a list of databases will indicate the years available in full-text.

4.  Pay close attention to the dates.  The journal publishers determines which databases are granted full-text rights.

5.  If the library does not have the journal or the year needed, you may request the article through interlibrary loan.

**If you have a citation for an article, you can determine if the library owns the journal by using these same instructions.

Special note:  If you are having difficulty with accessing an article, please contact me.  There may be a problem that I need to report.