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UALR Ottenheimer Library

HHPS 7310 - Theoretical Foundations in Health Education (Kanekar)

Save Time and Frustration!

Keep the following in mind on your search for journal articles during the course:

  • Your primary source for journal articles should be the UALR Ottenheimer Library's databases which are described in this guide.
    • If you search for an article through the UALR Ottenheimer Library's databases and cannot access it, please contact a librarian for assistance.
  • Rather than PubMed, use PubMed Central.
    • The majority of articles in PubMed Central are accessible. Most articles in PubMed are not freely available or accessible through the UALR Ottenheimer Library, which is why PubMed Central is recommended.
  • If you search the Internet for articles, which includes Google and Google Scholar, you will most likely not be able to access entire articles without a special login or subscription. Do not pay for articles!

Do not pull your hair out searching for articles.

Spend no more than an hour searching for articles. After an hour, it is time to get help from a librarian, who may have different tips and tricks to help you. Please contact a librarian if you need help!


Since you are expected to search for and use peer-reviewed journal articles in your projects this semester, be sure to review the information sheet using the link below.

Search for Articles

After you have read the information on this page and completed the Searching Preparation worksheet, continue to Searching for Articles on a Topic.

If you already have a specific article that you are trying to find, go to Finding a Known Article.