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HHPS 4378/5378 - Org & Admin Health Ed Programs

Summer 2016 - Dr. Amar Kanekar

Searching Preparation Worksheet

Taking a few minutes to plan your search (including search terms and synonyms) can save you time. 

It is highly recommended that you print out and complete the searching worksheet BEFORE you continue.

Searching for Articles on a Topic: MEDLINE Complete and Business Source Complete

In order to find articles, you will need to search several of the library's databases -- MEDLINE Complete and Business Source Complete. The first focuses on health-related articles; the second, business articles (organizational dynamics, management, administration, etc.). It is recommended you search both databases, since each database will have different articles.

First, print the screenshots, then use the links below to access MEDLINE Complete and Business Source Complete. Although the screenshots are specifically for MEDLINE Complete, you should also be able to use them when searching Business Source Complete.

Don't give up!

Red background with exclamation point

     If you find an article you would like to read and cannot access the full text, 

   or you are struggling to find articles, Ask Us!