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RHET 1312 PSA (Visual Rhetoric) Glover: How to use this guide?

Hello, My name is Chelsea. I am your guide for this lesson.  My goal is to help you complete your PSA assignment.  In the process, you will learn valuable skills to help you beyond this assignment.  After completing this online lesson, you should be able to 

  • Evaluate the author/creator's credibility and purpose using the creator's website and lateral reading
  • Find information to support the author/writer's PSA message/claim using Google and the library's Quick Search

I'm your guide for this lesson

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Chelsea Young
Ottenheimer Library
Rm. 312

How to use this guide to complete your PSA assignment.

This online lesson (guide) has five tabs that will focus on the following areas.

  1. How to use this guide (you are here)
  2. How do I get started  (Basic Overview of the library and the assignment.)
  3. Who is the creator? Their purpose? (Using the creator's website to see what they say about themselves.)
  4. What do others say about the creator? The issue?  (Using lateral reading to see what others say about the creator.)
  5. Is there evidence to support the message? (Using Google and the library Quick search to find evidence to support the claim/message.)

Each tab will contain a combination of the following items:

  1. Videos: Each video will discuss steps to evaluate the author/creator and their purpose and message or find information about your PSA
  2. Activity: Each activity is designed to give you hands-on engagement to learn or reinforce skills
  3. Assessment:  Each assessment is designed to give me an idea of the skills you learned.
  4. Supplementary materials: Video transcript and written content for your preference along with general library handouts.


Helpful Handouts