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HHPS 5399/7304 - Intro to Community and Public Health

Fall 2015

A Note About Statistics

Please keep in mind that most statistics you will find are several years old. The reason for this is it takes time to compile and analyze the data.

You may also find statistics by using is the U.S. government's official web portal. 

Try searching your topic plus one of the following words to find websites that include data, tables, or reports with graphs and charts:

  • statistics
  • surveillance
  • data

You may wish to try including the word "Arkansas" in your search for possible state information, as may contain state resources.

As with finding articles, keep in mind that you may need to use synonyms when searching.

NOTE: Always evaluate what you find on the Internet before you use it in your assignments!

Health Statistics Resources

Arkansas Resources

The Arkansas Department of Health website has statistics that may be useful for your research, including:

County Health Rankings & Roadmaps, sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, provides a variety of county data.

Public Health in Arkansas' Communities Search provides additional county data based on a number of health indicators.

Arkansas Center for Health Improvement may also have data and reports about various initiatives.

If you're dealing with school health, you may want to browse the Arkansas Department of Education's Coordinated School Health Web page

If your focus is on alcohol or substance abuse, you may want to browse the Arkansas Department of Human Services' Division of Behavioral Health Services Web page.

You may need to contact the Arkansas agency if you are not finding statistics or information on programs. Also, please note that each county in Arkansas has its own health department. You may need to contact the local health department for local statistics and information.