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HHPS 5399/7304 - Intro to Community and Public Health

Fall 2015

Finding Specific Articles

  • Do not use the links on the bibliography list, unless they are marked Free Full Text.
  • Do not pay for articles.
  • When you have a citation to a specific article that does not have a Free Full Text link, use Journals by Title.
    • Journals by Title will tell you if the UALR Ottenheimer Library has access to the journal.
  • Please note that not all articles on the bibliography are available through Ottenheimer Library.
    • If the article you need is not available, you can use Interlibrary Loan to request the article and have it sent to you electronically
    • Keep in mind that Interlibrary Loan can take 3-7 days for processing. However, most times articles do come sooner.

Understanding Citations

This is an example of a citation for an article on the bibliography of articles covering application of the PRECEDE-PROCEED model, written in APA format:

Kratzke, C., Garzon, L., Lombard, J., & Karlowicz, K. (2010). Training community health workers: Factors that influence mammography use. Journal of Community Health, 35(6), 683-688.

The authors are C. Kratzke, L. Garzon, K. Lombard, and K. Karlowicz.

The publication date is 2010.

The title of the article is 'Training community health workers: Factors that influence mammography use.'

The title of the journal is Journal of Community Health.

The volume number is 35 (Hint: Volume number is always listed before the issue number.)

The issue number is 6.

The page numbers are 683-688.

Using 'Journals by Title'

When using Journals by Title to locate a specific article:

  • Be sure to enter the title of the journal, not the title of the article.
  • Compare and match the listed dates with the date of the article you need.
  • If Embargo and a time period are listed after the dates, the journal is not available for that most recent time -- for instance, the last year.
  • There may be more than one link to access a journal. If the dates match to the article you need, and there is no embargo, you can use any of the links.
  • Articles can be accessed online for the dates available -- unless the link states Print Holdings, Microform Holdings, Microfilm Holdings, or Microfiche Holdings
    • If the article you need is only available in print, microform, microfilm, or microfiche, you can make a copy yourself or use the Article Delivery Service.

Spotlight: Finding the Full Text of Articles Available Online

If the journal and its articles are available online for the date you need, follow these steps to obtain the complete article, or full text:

  • Find a listing of issues. This listing may appear on the front page. Sometimes you will need to look for an All Issues, Past Issues, or another similarly titled link.
  • Once you have located a listing of issues, find the individual article by using the year, volume/issue information, and page numbers.
  • After you have found the individual article, choose the PDF Full Text or PDF link if it is available.

  • No PDF Full Text or PDF link? Look for a Full Text, HTML, HTML Full Text, or Linked Full Text link.