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MKTG 4310 Marketing Research

Industry Surveys

Industry surveys or profiles can be found through several different sources.  For better coverage, you will want to use more than one source.  Also note, companies engaged in a wide range of activities may have multiple industry classifications, although usually one industry is considered primary. 

Trade Publications

Trade journals provide industry-specific news and advertising targeted at those who work in a particular profession or trade.  Authors are usually staff writers or journalists, often with expertise in field; sources are rarely cited; and articles are brief, unless a feature.

Why would I use trade journal?

  • Find information on current news, products, and trends within a specific trade or industry.
  • Glean practical information within a field from practitioners within that industry.

How do I find business trade journals?

Use the Journal Finder Search to find trade journals by title. Most recent publication are typically available online  Many trade journals have their own websites and sometimes they provide popular articles free. Once you have identified a journal name using Journal Finder Search, you can search within that publication.  Databases listed under News & Articles also provide access to various trade journals.

Below are some common marketing and advertising trade journals. Some might require a paid personal account for full access or free account registration..  Library owned items are listed when available.